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Asker Anonymous Asks:
What about an update on the "Smarter" backer rewards? Are they going to be sent out when the video is released? And will we get some sort of confirmation beforehand? I emailed in my shirt size for the $45 reward when asked, but never heard anything back.
not-literally not-literally Said:

Many rewards are dependent on the release of the video to distribute. Some have already been distributed (e.g. the custom pajamas). The limited edition shirts have not been sent yet simply because getting sizing information from everyone took forever (the issue with not being able to specific required information fields for donators up front!) and we couldn’t place our screen printing order until we had every size (because printing just one shirt if someone got back to us just a little too late would balloon in cost to something like $50!) However, those shirts have been ordered now and will be mailed soon.

In general, though, assume that you will have all of your rewards within a month of the video’s release. I wish I could be more specific, but unfortunately video production (as all the delays have proven) is not an entirely predictable art.

I was wondering if you could give us any updates on the Ravenclaw Parody?
not-literally not-literally Said:

Well, I can give you the same update we keep giving everywhere: It’s in editing. It will be the next video to be released.


It’s finally time for the last episode of Ask The Doctor! 
I want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Not Literally for all the hard work they put in to make this series possible. 

It was exhausting to make every episode in one day but it was definitely worth it! I hope you’ve all enjoyed watching me make a fool of myself on these episodes for the past 12 weeks. I had a lot of fun making them :)

Thanks for partnering with us on this series, Matt! :)